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Welcome to the website of children’s author and poet Katrina Jadkowski

Katrina Jadkowski is a dreamer. Born just outside of London, England, her life experiences range from mundane and somewhat ordinary corporate positions to darn right unique.
Fact is stranger than fiction! Katrina rode Elephants on a circus in Spain, sailed the high seas, and was sawn in half twice nightly in a Las Vegas magic show. Adventures have always been part of this storyteller’s life.
She invites you to join her in this new chapter in the book of her life and her “Abra-Cadabra” moment, as Katrina re-appears as an Author.
Discover laughter, learning, love, and more than a sprinkling of magic woven into Katrina’s imaginative stories for children.

Who is Heart Melt Creations?

Heart Melt Creations evolved from Katrina’s love of writing.

Writing is something I have loved since I was a child. I have never been “lost for words” verbally or in written form. My writing was a skill that I never considered a talent, just something I knew how to do. 

Somewhere along my life’s journey, my writing went into hibernation. I sometimes wonder if it because I needed to experience life to be able to write again. 

I occasionally wrote what I affectionately called “Kitty’s Ditty’s” whenever there was a need for a heartfelt word or two. For encouragement, for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or sadly when a loved one has passed away. I would take some alone time and ponder what the person I was writing about would want me to say.

My writing was jump-started again on my sister’s birthday in July of 2016. I wanted to write something from the heart, to create a memorable story that captured the essence of the close mother and daughter relationship shared by my mother and sister.

When our mother passed away, we placed her ashes in her favorite place, her rose garden. After our father passed away, we sold our family home and, my sister and I journeyed back to our respective lives in Australia and America. As I began to write the story, “The Lovely Rose,” it occurred to me that my mother had no grave. However, we did not leave her behind, she will forever rest in the garden of our hearts.

“The Lovely Rose” is available to read or purchase on this site. It is a tender glimpse into the nurturing love a mother has for her child.

Author Katrina Jadkowski – I was born 18 years after the end of World War II to a Polish Father and Irish Mother. I grew up just outside London, in a little suburb called South Croydon. I pursued my passion which was entertainment and became a professional dancer in 1986. I left my home in Surrey, England in 1988 and moved across the pond and my home is now Las Vegas, Nevada. I retired from my life as a “Showgirl” on the Las Vegas strip, many moons ago, but I never lost my passion for entertainment.
I have now been in the USA for 30 years and am always asked why I have kept my British accent? I would laughingly reply, “I have kept my accent for a reason, just haven’t figured out what the reason is?” Well, mystery solved. I am told I have the perfect accent for storytelling. Who better to narrate my Children’s tales than the Author herself!

My why: To passionately utilize my creative abilities in the pursuit of helping others.

I must confess I do like to narrate my own stories and I hope you will enjoy them too. Now as I am embarking on this new journey, I hope my stories rekindle your own childhood or for this new generation, ignite a fondness for storytelling. If I can bring a tear to your eye with sadness or joy, then I will have accomplished my goal to make your heart melt.

PURSUE, to chase, to dare to dream for more,

GROWTH, be ever-evolving and strive to change the way you were before,

LEARNING, use every resource that’s presented, who knows what life’s journey has in store?

PASSION, let it run through your veins, it comes from your very core,

DETERMINED, be the kind of person the world simply can’t ignore.

One becomes three.

In my recent journey into the word of writing. I discovered I needed an illustrator and magically I found Valentina Iacopinelli. As an added blessing I also needed a graphic designer for my books and a composer for my audio books and Valentina just happened to have married the right fellow Andrea Baroni.
You can find out more about Valentina (aka Bag Of Secrets) and Andrea by visiting their personal websites.


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