Forever Cards

a card you’ll want to keep!

Heart Melt Creations has created a selection of greetings cards. Our cards are more than just a card; they are a Forever Card or, Keep Me card and are framable.

Each card is a 5X7 postcard, beautifully illustrated by Valentina Iacopinelli with heart-melting sentiments by Katrina Jadkowski. Add your message on the back, and it’s ready to mail in the envelope provided. The card can also easily be framed to enjoy again and again.

I love receiving greeting cards. I have a keepsake box and I keep all my birthday, Christmas, and thinking of you cards in the box. It occurred to me as I started writing poems that would lend themselves well to the greeting card category, that unfortunately, cards usually do not end up in a keepsake box, and they end up in the bin. For my American friends that is the trash can!

I want to change to a different type of card, a Forever Card or Keep Me Card.

Think of sending a card in an envelope just like a greeting card, but instead this is a 5X7 card beautifully illustrated with heart-melting words. You can write your message on the back and then the person receiving the card can frame the Forever card or they can find a place for it where they can read it often. Even a “Thank you” card should be read more than once!

Everyday Angels, is the perfect Thank you card for a Nurse, caregiver of first responder during this Covid-19 crisis. I know with the loss of a loved one, or when a friend is facing a challenging time, comforting words need to be read frequently.

“Our loved ones never leave us, if we keep their memories bright”.

You will find a few Forever cards available below. Please email me if you have any suggestions for cards you would like me to add, or simply drop me an email to say hello!

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Loss of a Loved One


Everyday Angels - Nurse


Everyday Angels - Care Giver


You are a Warrior


Thank You