Gift Of Life Cards

for organ donors

I had the joy to meet a young lady called Claire Wineland back in 2016.
Claire Wineland was a magical force that touched the world. She lived with Cystic Fibrosis for 21 years and sadly we lost her in 2018.

I wrote this poem for Claire, as she gave the precious “gift of life” when she donated her organs to so many grateful families. Organ donation is something I am passionate about. Claire Wineland’s message was about living a purposeful, beautiful life despite having a terminal illness. 

Claire started her own Foundation at the age of 13, to give hope and help to families struggling with Cystic Fibrosis. I had the honor of writing a book for Claire with illustrations by Valentina, which I turned over to her Foundation to publish.  All profits from the book will go to

This greeting card is a heartfelt Thank you to families who have lost a loved one, but who have found the courage and strength to save the life of another. By donating their organs, the precious gift of life, they transplant blessings to another family. When you order the “Gift of Life” greeting card you will receive both variations of the cardOne to keep and one to send as a gift. If you are inspired to become an organ donor, please visit:

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