baby's first book

This is my first venture into the world of self-publishing. It is an exciting and daunting venture indeed!
My creative medium is writing and I struggle to even draw a straight line. Even though I could see in my imagination how I wanted the illustrations to be, my book did not spring to life until Valentina Iacopinelli entered my life.
The first illustration she sent me for Lullaby is the page with the Koala in bed with the socks on his duvet. I opened it on my phone as I was walking to the car. It was an emotional moment and I sat in the car and cried as I realized that Valentina was the missing partner I needed for my children’s books.
I am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship for Katrina Jadkowski & Valentina Iacopinelli.

We are currently in the process of working with a company in North Carolina to make a prototype plush toy of the main character in the book Lullaby. The Koala is named after one of my cats, Sydney, whom I adopted after my first visit to Australia.
I was struggling to find the right design for an item to accompany the book. I was torn between a Lovey blanket, a plush toy or a baby rattle. Valentina who also happens to make toys, designed and crafted a beautiful boutique quality Koala, which will also contain a baby rattle. So this is the toy we are having made into the prototype.

The initial book is also being printed and when they have been delivered, we will release our Kickstarter video. We wanted to be able to show the real-life items you will receive when you invest in our campaign.

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Never stop dreaming, because one day you will realize the dream is happening and you are not asleep.