Pet Bereavement

illustrated short poem

When I do my best writing, it is because I have been inspired to write for a particular person or situation.
My wonderful friend Celina and I were at lunch one day and she happened to mention that the following day would be the anniversary of losing her beloved doggies, Achilles and Maximus. As we all know losing a loved one is a difficult time and Celina lost her doggies within a 2-week span. She said with tears in her eyes that she would be taking the day off work as it would be a difficult day for her.

I went home that night with a heavy heart. I closed my eyes, opened my heart and asked all the beloved pets we have lost, to tell me what they wanted me to write. I truly believe these are their words.

For the faithful and furry friends that will always be in our hearts.

Faithful friend.
I’m sorry I had to be parted from you, I didn’t want to leave. Time has passed, it has been a while, and still I see you grieve. Let me tell you how I’ve been, since I left your care. I am not sure where I am, but some things I’d like to share

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