The Sweet Dreams Dragon

audiobook for relaxation and mindfulness

All the stories begin with me, Katrina, and my imagination.

If you purchased a copy of Lullaby- Baby’s First book, you are undoubtedly already in love with Valentina’s beautiful renderings of my characters. Her illustrations bring my stories to life. 

One of the characters she drew is the cutest little red dragon. The dragon wanted to stay around. Instead of breathing fire, he breathed life into his own story.

The Sweet Dreams Dragon (or as we call him SDD) crept into my dreams when I was living in my RV in Las Vegas.

What a restful concept indeed, to fall asleep, while a little dragon holds onto all your thoughts!

The Jar for Worries is my favorite part of the story.

I would love for parents to use this magic jar concept to encourage their children to open up about things that may be on their minds.

Could parents make this into a craft project and maybe make a magic jar or keep a worries diary for the Dragon to hold?

Endless possibilities.

The dragon model in his woodland home, created entirely by Valentina using polymer clay, adds to the Fairytale quality of the story.

Then layer onto that the hypnotic and soothing music composed and performed by Andrea, and you will soon be off to dreamland. 

The download is only $2.99 and includes two versions; I narrate the first, and the second is a music-only version for relaxation.
Also included in the zip file is a small version of Valentina’s cover image.

You can also purchase a 4×4″ sticker of Valentina’s fantastic cover art, use it on a notebook, or perhaps when you create your very own magical Jar.

I hope you will all relax and sleep soundly with The Sweet Dreams Dragon.

With your eyes still shut, imagine a tiny creature
tiptoeing across the floor
It’s the Sweet Dreams Dragon

Do you know what he’s here for?
He can keep all your thoughts and busy stuff

While you soundly sleep, with nothing to fear…

Below you can purchase the book directly from us, as a high-quality audiobook (please check the preview below).

Buy The Sweet Dreams Dragon audiobook (English and music-only versions included) or the cover art sticker.

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  • Three stickers – [4×4 in] Clear BOPP Matte Permanent.
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The Sweet Dreams Dragon Audiobook


3xCover Art Sticker (4x4 in)