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The Sweet Dreams Dragon

audiobook for relaxation and mindfulness

The Sweet Dreams Dragon audiobook creates the perfect bedtime routine.

Katrina invites your little one to jump into bed with their snuggly pyjamas on and get ready for sleepy time. Breathing deeply, they can count their way to dreamland, accompanied by the hypnotic and soothing music composed and performed by Andrea Baroni

Only when their eyes are closed tight will The Sweet Dreams Dragon appear. 

The Sweet Dreams Dragon audiobook preview

Relaxing and restful sleep awaits when all worries are given to The Sweet Dreams Dragon.

Discover the jar for worries, a way to encourage children to open up about worry and stress.
With each audiobook download, you will receive in the post a free 4×4″ sticker of the beautiful cover art to use on a notebook or perhaps when you and your little one creates their very own magical Jar.

Audiobook also comes as a music-only version.

With your eyes still shut, imagine a tiny creature
tiptoeing across the floor.
It’s the Sweet Dreams Dragon
Do you know what he’s here for?
He can keep all your thoughts and busy stuff

while you soundly sleep, with nothing to fear…